A Birthday scarf for Tamar

My friend Tamar was celebrating her birthday today with a get together of several women friends for lunch. I debated a bit about what would be a good gift for Tamar and finally decided on a scarf.
Tamar is one of those women who is not a red head, has the coloring of one. The slightly off colors that look terrific on redheads look great on Tamar. So when I found this strip of not quite sea foam green shantung, I knew it was exactly the right color for Tamar. The scarf needed a bit of embellishment. I cut a stamp out of a dollar store plastic eraser. I poured a bit of bronze and some blue fabric dye onto a paper plate and got to work. I stamped three rows of design up and down the scarf.
After setting the color with my iron, I serged the fabric into a tube , turned it right side out and then top stitched the result. I have lots of beads left over from the Torah mantle and decided to try to add a beaded fringe. this was a first for me. I did two different beading patterns, one on each end.
When I got to Tamar's I was happy to see that she was wearing a green dress. It was perfect with the scarf.


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