another tallit ..done

Sara Jacobs' tallit is done. Yup, the same name, different spellings.

Sara loved the blessing that Jacob gives his grandsons, Menashe and Ephraim. That has been incorporated into the bedtime prayer and also has been set to music by various composers. So it is a beautiful text that Sara connects to strongly.

Sara wanted the imagery of winds to feature in the tallit. Google Images yielded up a terrific image of plover wings . I cut a stencil based on that wing image and used it on the corners as well as in the body of the tallit. The wings are upright, recalling the wings of the Cherubim in the Temple.

Sara loves the color combination of pink and brown. It's here color theme for her bat mitzvah, so her tallit is pink and brown. the text Sara loves so much is on her atara . The atara is bordered in a pinky brown metallic rayon. The atara is sewn on to the tallit with gold bugle beads and iridescent seed beads , just to give a bit of flash to the tallit.


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