tallitot talking to one another

While pieces of the design process take place before I even put my hand to fabric, there are always improvements that take place as I work. Often, work on one piece gives me ideas that I then apply to a different piece.

I have been playing with stencils lately. My son's tallit has those naturalistic looking green willow leaves. Elisa's tallit has that ornate Florentine architectural stencil in gold.
As looked at Sara's tallit, I realized that it looked a bit dour. It needed a bit more of-- something.

The something came by way of stencil. I cut a stencil out of an index card and applied gold colored oil paint stick through the stencil. In each case, while the technique may be identical, but the look is not at all the same ( or even similar) . I particularly like how in Sara's tallit the colors of the tallit, very mid-century colors, influenced the modern look of the stencil.
I also found it fascinating to see how the same paint stick applied to the red/ maroon was almost garish. On the pink it is very subdued.

While the three tallitot all look very different, they are siblings of sorts being worked on at the same time with lessons learned on one tallit being applied to another.


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