A sweater Refashion

My sister had purchased a geranium pink Eileen Fisher linen blend v-necked sweater. It was a lovely sweater but not for my sister. It was too aggressively, cheerfully pink. The boxy shape was not flattering for my sister and the wide V of the neck just emphasised everything that was wrong with the sweater.

My sister had loved the article I had written for www.patternreview.com about refashioning sweaters and gave me this sweater to work on. Her instructions were " Do whatever you want."

Being given free reign is actually a hard thing. The first thing that I did was over -dye the sweater with a deep blue. The result calmed the sweater down to a deep mauve that would look much prettier against my sister's skin.

I ten cut open the front of the sweater to turn it into a cardigan. Until that point, everything had gone swimmingly. I tried serging an edge with woolly nylon thread. The results were UG-LEE.

I tried three or four different edgings , and all of them were failures. while going through my stash I found some brown silk chiffon. I cut circular ruffles and sewed them together. I serged the circular ruffles to the cur front edges and around the back of the neckline.

I tried the sweater on and it still didn't look right. My sister and I have similar builds, but she is a few inches shorter than I am. I realized that the sweater was too long. I hacked off about three inches and finished the edge with a multi stepped zig zag.

And there you are, a sweater transformed for my sister. I hope she likes it. Do you think she will like it???

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  1. I think she'll like it. I have some lovely cashmere sweaters of my mom's that I inherited when she passed away. One of these days I'd like to get around to restyling them so they're a little more contemporary.


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