tallit workshop

Today is a big teaching day for me. This morning I am going to start a Tallit making workshop at my synagogue, and I teach my sewing student in the afternoon. Actually, more accurately, I hope that this will be a big teaching day for me.

As of Friday, only one person had signed up for the Tallit workshop but all during services Friday night, and yesterday, people came up to me to talk about the possibility of taking the workshop. So either I will be working with one person or, I will have a crowd. Frankly, I'm hoping for a crowd.

I like teaching. I love creating a setting where the class becomes a cohesive group, encouraging each other, offering suggestions and pushing each other to produce better and more interesting work. You need a critical mass of people to create that sort of an environment.

This workshop is open both to adults and kids. I know that some people can't see working with both adults and kids together. I love the mix of early adolescents and adults. The kids take their work more seriously because they are being treated as adults. The adults can approach more freely .

Well, we will see how many folks actually show up today.


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