tallit progress

Well, my son's tallit progresses. I backed the striped elements with a blue silk that I had purchased at the late lamented Tessutti. Tessutti was one of the many garment district stores that is no more.They sold high end fabrics at high end prices. They used to sell Zip -Lock bags with remnants of fabric. I had purchase this blue silk about 15 year ago. I'm so happy to be using it in my son's tallit.
I backed the stripes with the silk for two reasons, the first is so you don't see raw seams on the underside of the tallit. The second reason I back the stripes is because of a quirk of mine. Woven tallitot have patterns that are visible no matter how you wear the tallit. It always bothers me when the underside of a tallit is too quiet.
What you see here in the photos is both unpressed with unfinished edges. Yes, I will give my son a cleaned up tallit.
My son loved how the tallit looked, but I see that the silk causes the tallit to slip when it is worn. Bleh!!! My older son was given a beautiful set of tallit clips for his bar mitzvah. he no longer wears them, but they will keep my younger son's tallit from slip sliding away.


  1. beautiful, sarah ... just beautiful!


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