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Here is my new dress with two different cardigans. The spotty one was given to me in a bag of hand me downs by my neighbor Oscar, who keeps my entire family looking spiffy. The sweater is part of a twin set. Wearing both together is too much of too much in my book. But I adore it with the smaller scale dotty look of the snake skin print.

The grey sweater is a new purchase for me. I have been thrifting since my last year of college.The church here on Broadway and 96th street ( St Francis of Assisi) has a great thrift store if you like searching for jewels. That is, it is a great chaotic mess of garbage and terrific stuff.

Long ago, I learned that the better edited a thrift store is, the better the stock, but the more you will pay. This store is not edited at all. The previous manager had a great pricing policy. If you were a regular, he would charge you $2 per item, no matter what the marked price.

He left St Francis to go to business school. I keep thinking that it might have been remedial business school. I can't imagine that the store brought in all that much cash with the manager essentially giving the goods away.

They have a terrific book section which has been a wonderful source of vintage sewing books.

I noticed yesterday that the quality of goods there has declined some. I think that folks are holding on to their good stuff for longer, given the current state of the economy. They now have segregated the cashmere , leather into a "fancy" section. The dark grey sweater was hanging there.

You know how sometimes you go to a store and something that really belongs to you is hanging on the rack? This sweater was one of those things, so I forked over the cash, washed it and now it lives in my house where it belongs instead of at St. Francis of Assisi.

So which sweater do you like better with the dress? spotty or grey?


  1. Hi Sarah, I like the spotty one only because I think it is spiffier. It kicks the dress up a notch!

  2. Marilyn...actually I could see you wearing the spotty one... it's a classic but with a twist.

  3. I agree, the spotty one, it's not so expected.

    As the owner of several ironed vintage linens and a passel of recent unironed ones I stand in amazement of 4 done in one day.

    Tell MK that anyone who likes ball fringe has to be a fun person.


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