Today, I went to see this exhibit with my friend Connie. I had first seen photos of Calder jewelery back in the 1970's. Most of this jewelery was made for friends and for family members. All I can say is, I wish that Alexander Calder were my friend.

I love how clear it is how much fun he was having making this jewelery. I also adore how when you look at his work you can see both the thought process that goes into each piece as well as evidence of his hands working the piece.

It is one of those post industrial revolution things. Pre -industrial revolution, hand work needed to look perfect. Post industrial revolution the evidence of handwork becomes the real luxury. So is this a cheap way of saying " It is OK if my work is full of errors." Actually, not exactly,but when a piece has little odd variations in it, it keeps the eye and the brain engaged.

Calder's work is full of work that shows evidence of his hands. The copies available for sale were the same shapes as the originals but devoid of all life. I couldn't look at them.


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