Nearly done..and some rambling thoughts

For the last few days I have been alternating my time between finishing my son's bar-mitzvah invitation which mostly involved lots of fussing with the computer and working on the Torah mantle.

Usually I avoid hand work, but this piece is mostly made by hand. I added lots of beads over the past couple of days. The sanctuary in my synagogue is huge and the piece needs to sparkle or it will just get lost. Thus the vast quantity of beads.

I decided to construct the mantle and then fit it onto the padded wooden form. I am attaching the mantle to the form with rows of beads that look kind of like fringe. I hadn't planned on the fringe, but it looks cute. The photo is fuzzy I will take more pictures in day light so all of you can obsess with how great it is along with me.

My older son was nice enough to hold the mantle up for me so I could take a photo. He got tired, otherwise I would have taken more pictures. But yes, I am grateful that he was willing to do this boring task for me.

I discovered that I actually like beading. I might end up attacking some of my old sweaters and turn them into little old lady sweaters with lots of beads. Maybe I should get some sweater clips and cat eye glasses to complete the look. I would wear orthopedic shoes but my cowboy boots are stealth orthopedic shoes. The do all of the good for you things that orthopedic shoes do, but they look cool.

I have a fantasy of making a 1930's style dress from a vintage pattern drafting book I own, to wear at the bar mitzvah. I actually think I understand their sleeve drafting directions so it may even have sleeves. Otherwise my lace shrug will stand in as sleeves.


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