More of Sara Xing's tallit

This is the "Burning Bush" side of Sara Xing's tallit. Sara wanted the basket and the bush made out of the same fabrics. I pushed her idea further by being sure to repeat many of the same fabrics in both images.
Most of the leaves are made out of silk shantung. Some are made out of Chinese brocade, a nod towards Sara Xing's birth heritage and some out of a great stong red linen.
The base of the tallit is a 40 momme black silk charmeuse. If you have never experienced 40 momme silk this is what it is like. China silk is the equivalent of skim milk. A 19 momme silk is pretty wonderful and is like heavy cream. The 40 momme silk is like sour cream.
I spent most of yesterday cutting it. You need to use the pull a thread and cut method. A little hard to see where to cut on black. So the going was slow.I am a little terrfied of sewing it but I will just have to plunge in.
The "pictures" have to be framed in the black silk and then I will construct the body of the tallit. I have already made the Atara/Neckband, or at least most of it.


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