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I have been a member of several different sewing communities on the web for the past many years. Several people have suggested that the time has come for me to have a bit more of a presence on the web, so here is the first installment of my blog. I am also working on building a website to feature my work.

I assume that what I will be writing about will cover the process of making Judaica in fabric for clients, my working on learning how to make clothing with out the benefit of commercial patterns, sewing resources both here in New York and on the web, fiber related museum exhibits, living as part of a family here in New York, what folks walking down the streets of my city are wearing and probably cooking as well. In short this blog will cover the stuff I spend my time thinking about and doing.


  1. Hi Sara, you do beautiful work. Good luck and have fun with your blog. Coleen (misscoleen on PR)

  2. Dear Sarah, I'm so pleased for you to have started blogging. It's inspiring to watch you create art for your clients. Sara Xing's Moses tallit is evolving into a fabulous piece. I loved your analogy about working with the 40 momme silk. What a pleasure to use such fine materials. You are truly blessed and making the most of it! Joyce (Joyce in Windsor Hills/Los Angeles, from creativemachine list)


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