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Food Friday- problem solving edition

Because problem-solving is about seeing that there is more than one way to do something, My mother was the sort of hostess who spent lots of dinner in the kitchen getting the next course prepped while the guests were enjoying their meal. She would sit for bits of the dinner but for much of it, she was absent from the table, busy clearing the remnants of the previous course, plattering the next adding radish roses or parsley sprigs to the main course, putting the tea up to boil or adding last minutes garnishes to the dessert platters.
I try to be a more relaxed hostess than my mother. Usually, dinner is served in two courses, the main course, and dessert.  There is something nice about the languid pace of a multi-course meal. My dishwasher though, can't keep pace with a really elaborate meal.
Another problem I have I have in serving a meal is managing the various food issues of my diners. My son and I love charred tomatoes. My husband detests them. My husband and son love pickles …

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