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A pretty nice evening out

My husband and I belong to a small paper-the-house ticket subscription service. That is, we pay an annual fee and then get to see shows and performances for $4.50 per ticket. We tend to see lots of theatre. At that price, we are willing to take a flyer on something we hadn't heard of. Often the things we get to see are Broadway shows or off-Broadway shows. We have seen some pretty spectacular things using this service. You need top to be willing to take a gamble. At $4.50 there is lots of room to gamble on an evening. My husband selected tickets for last night for a musical revue on the Lower East Side.

This was in the subway station at Delancey street.

I  stopped to admire the mosaics, take photos
and then continue on my way to the theatre.
Across the street from the theatre was this old shul; that has been restored.
We had some bubble tea before the show.

The show itself is what happens when excellent performers with fabulous singing skills and no idea about how to write or stru…

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