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Well, I have a whole lot to talk about this post. First of all news of the world hangs heavy this week.I am thinking about those poor kids killed in school THIS week as well as all of the other recent senseless shootings.

I also often think about Russian interference in the election and in general mucking about on the internet. One of the cool things I can do as the owner of this blog is seeing where my readers come from, no, not your home address, but the country readers come from.  Most of my readership comes from the United States. I always have a fair number of readers from Canada, from Israel, and from the UK. Some of those people are relatives and some are friends and others are people I know from the sewing world.

Every day my "audience" page tells me that I have readers from Russia. Sometimes it is just a few. Sometimes it is several hundred. Some days I click on the pages that send traffic my way. Often it is blogs written by sewing friends. often the Russian sites…

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