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NYFD Yizkor and the last gasp of the holiday season

Every year in the fall there is one day when the streets in our neighborhood are filled with fire fighters in dress Widgets
This Fire Fighters memorial is just a few blocks from my apartment on Riverside Drive and 100th Street. (This photo is taken from the NYC Parks department website.)
Every year I notice first one or two fire fighters in their old fashioned dress uniforms and then realize that there is a large group.  I have the same dawning realization that this isn't just one person in uniform but a community coming together to mourn.
It is the same slow feeling of recognition I have on Ash Wednesday after I pass one person with schmutz on their forehead and then another , and yet another before I realize that this is a communal ritual.

I assume that people in Riverside Park have a similar feeling on Rosh HaShanah when the throngs come to the River to do tashlich. I am sure that there are runners and bikers who remember, "Right, this is the bread day i…

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