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Blog salad, the other side of sick

I know I haven't posted a whole lot lately. I have been struck down with what my buddy, and fellow sinus sufferer, Marla calls 'The Yuks'. After a few draggedy days and a few flat on my back days. I am now once again a member of the human Widgets

During this time I taught two different art classes for seniors and teens together.

In both classes we did a card making activity where working in a round robin fashion the participants created cards.
Today was the final class.

There were many lovely moments in this class. A few of the teens had never touched a needles and thread before last week. all of them were sewing pretty comfortably by the end of the class. this week, two of them were also embroidering.

Working with the seniors was an honor. Last week one of the participants talked about hiding in the forests of France during the war. She wasn't in class today because she was celebrating her 101st birthday with family out of town.
Another participant is …

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