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The big day

No, not the wedding but a different big day. Today was the day that my future son-in-law became Jewish. We all trooped down to the mikvah for his mid-afternoon conversion.

He met privately with the three rabbis who made up his bet-din/religious court. And then it was time for him to immerse in the mikvah. Soon, although it felt like a lifetime to me, he emerged, Widgets

My daughter and her intended have eaten many Shabbat and holiday dinners with us over the years. When I realized that this relationship was a serious thing I began giving my daughter's beloved the same antique Russian silver cup to use for Kiddush week after week. A couple of years ago my daughter and I were setting the table for a holiday meal and I said: " When he converts, the cup is his."
Today, I polished up that cup and brought it with me to the mikvah.

There it is in the striped bag that he is holding as he reads the conversion certificate.

There are many more wonderful days that a…

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