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Food Friday- cheap gag edition and blog salad

My parents had many prized possessions, but among the objects they loved was a set of pewter plates they found in a local antique Widgets
They are most probably 19th century copies of 18th century plates. The top one reads Shabbes Fish the lower plate reads Shabbes Kugel. Those plates hung in our kitchen in Quincy from the time my parents acquired them in the 1970's until after my mother died. Now they hang in our dining room.
During Passover we ate one big meat meal after another. I wanted to have a lighter meal this Shabbat. I suggested to my husband that we eat fish tonight. He quipped that we should eat both Shabbes Fish and Shabbes Kugel,  just like our plates. I rarely make kugel  but to match the plates, I did. It's a spinach and cheese kugel. It isn't cooked in a round pot like the one on the pewter plate. I know that those round kugel pots were how kugels were made in Eastern Europe but I think that both of my parents grew up on kugels baked in re…

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