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baking and sewing

Earlier in the life of this blog my husband sometimes used to wonder about the wisdom of my not sticking just to matters of sewing. He was concerned that by talking about subjects that on the surface seem disconnected from one another it might be confusing for my readers.

Over the years though I have discovered that my readers are not disturbed by the wide range of topics covered here. Ultimately I do think that there is a connection between the designing and sewing and the cooking.

I find that I play with color in the same way that I play with flavors. In both colors and flavors, you can combine two elements that don't necessarily play well together by adding several other elements that act as peacemakers.

I started a batch of challah covers on a strip of pale buttery yellow silk shantung.

The blue and the yellow work together easily.
I gave myself a bit more of a challenge with this challah cover.

I pulled all of the elements together with the red embroidered ribbon and the bloc…

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