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As the hours near the beginning of Rosh HaShanah I have been working away at getting the house Widgets

I  made an apple tart yesterday as I worked I was remembering years part getting ready for the Holiday.  Years ago as I was learning how to cook I  was into specialized tools. Lately, not so much.
This is how I core apples.
This works easier than an apple corer or a melon baller.

There are meringues for dessert along with the apple tart.
I made up lemon cookies to use up the egg yolks. They are very lemony.
As I was putting together  the challah for the next several days I thought about how often bread is used as a metaphor in Judaism.  Bread is both the staff of life as well as being something of a symbol for sin. Tomorrow, many of us will be taking bits of bread, symbols of sin and tossing them into bodies of water. I will be seeing many of you along the Hudson tomorrow afternoon doing one of the sweetest and most profound things of living in New York, gathering ac…

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