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The weather has changed. It is now officially  gross and muggy NYC summer. Widgets

I had been itching to make a dress but I had too much work on my plate.  Today I scratched that dress making itch.
It's a cowl -front dress with six waist darts for shaping.
The fabric was purchased a couple of years ago from Kashi at Metro textiles. Kashi told me to buy this fabric, and I listened. It's a cool to wear rayon knit. When I bought the fabric I had been entirely in love with the print. I am slightly less in love with it now.  It is cool  and I can wear it and not wilt. If you want a diagram for cutting the dress just let me know.

This morning my husband and I attended the funeral of the mother of a friend. It was nice after the batch of funerals we had attended of people who had died far too young to be at the funeral of someone who had lived to be ninety five.

There were aspects of the death and of the funeral planning and the funeral itself that seem to have come out o…

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