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The Chanukah cooking Widgets
Last night's entry in the festival of lights and latkes was from left to right, batata, carrot, and apple with ricotta cheese, zucchini and cheddar cheese and finally beet, onion, and goat cheese. 
I am working on baby gifts for babies both newly born and not yet born. This hat made out of two types of silk ribbon will probably end up with a set of eyes above center the pom pom.
This purple hat is made out of a wool blend.
When my second child was born a friend had given him a similarly shaped hat that made us laugh whenever we put it on his head. We immediately called it "the stupid hat".  Living with a newborn is frankly not much fun. I figured that with a stupid hat that difficult time is a bit more amusing.
I began working on my future son-in-law's tallit. Much text needed to be painted.
I completed the job.  I still may outline the lettering in black. But here is my calligraphy along with with the base silk for t…

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