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Food Friday, more uses for old bread edition

This was a challah baking week. I have been thinking about how even though you are not actually hanging out in my kitchen as I bake my bread, a regular reader might get enough bread baking hints to actually feel comfortable baking bread on their own. Widgets

My father baked much of the bread we ate at home both the challah as well as a 1970's era multi grain whole wheat bread of the sort you might find in a Hippie co-op restaurant  from that time period. I never did any bread baking while I lived with my parents but I hung around and learned enough to be comfortable with the process once I began baking bread as an adult. 
My methods and approach are different than my father's. I don't bake the massive batches of bread he did (at least a dozen loaves at a time). After an initial period of experimentation, my father settled on a formula and the bread after the experimental period did not vary. My father liked consistency. I am willing to continue experimenting.  M…

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