For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to integrate the stuff from my mother’s house into our own stuff filled apartment.


So here is a little landscape of things from my parents and things we had . There are two more plates that need to be up on the wall below the square silver platter. I have some themes that I am working on developing here.


I know, it’s still not clear to anyone not living inside my head, but by the time I am done it won’t look  like an antique shop run by a crazy person.


For those of you looking for a Food Friday entry, tonight’s dinner was tag teamed by me and my older son. he made the challah. I made chicken with sumac smoked paprika and crushed tomatoes,and flanken ribs with mustard and maple syrup.


Week after week I will make a meal Friday night in my usual “Let’s see what’s hanging around in the fridge and what mood am I in.” method of meal planning and the next morning the Wall Street Journal food article will be about how whatever spice combo I had used the night before is the hottest new invention.


There was an article a few weeks back about smoked paprika, and another about using sumac. Perhaps tomorrow’s article will be about the Kale I am cooking and then dressing with Sesame oil and rice vinegar and adding some dried cranberries to the mix. That has become the no brainer vegetable around here.


I have run out of steam and am just serving fresh blackberries for dessert.


One of our guests is the granddaughter of a relative who was verboten. I plan to show her photos of her great grandparents, my grandparents.tbt 001

My grandmother had owned the modern looking candlesticks that you see in the photo at the beginning of this post. I believe that these photos were taken in their house in Spring Valley.


Shabbat Shalom!


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