Food Friday

This is my soup before.


It’s a mess of frozen chicken bones, a giant onion, some fat parsnips, you can some some but not all of the tired carrots hiding underneath the parsnips.


I also added whole spices.


I decided to pretend to be fancy and tied them up into some cheesecloth. My husband hates getting a whole kernel of spice in his soup spoon.


The French probably have a really elegant way to do this. I just rolled the spiced up in the cheese cloth and tied a big knot.


I also added a glug of vinegar to the soup. I do this for two reasons. One is for flavor. I don’t tolerate salt very well. The vinegar gives the soup an appealing bright flavor that salt normally does. The second reason is to dissolve the bones so all of the calcium will,be in liquid form. I filled the crockpot up with water and set it to cook. 


Right now the soup is in the fridge after turning a deep brown. I will skim off the fat and re heat it for Shabbat dinner.

This week’s beautiful Challot were made by my son. Credit also has to go to the Americans with Disabilities Act, my son’s Occupational therapists and all of you tax payers to helped to pay for his OT.


My father who probably could have used an OT to help with some of his fine motor skills, was a great challah baker who was unable to braid challot. His challot were five 1/4 lb lumps of dough set into a bread pan. Delicious…but  not as beautiful as a nice braided challah.


Thanks for paying your taxes. Nicely braided challot are not the only advantages we are reaping from wonderful Special Ed services but they are a nice reminder about the good work that government can do.


My son has been hankering for indian flavored food. he asked me to make the meatballs “ Vaguely Indian”.


There is lots of turmeric and cumin in the meatballs along with what was left from the amba jar.

I am also very close to done with the twins tallitot. I am just showing snippet shots today.


This tallit still need pinot/corner pieces and eyelets.


This tallit is complete ( except for thread snipping)


Even the eyelets are done.




Shabbat Shalom to all.


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