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As of Friday, I had the raw yardage my son had chosen for his sweater.


Yesterday, I made the sweater. I based it off of one of his dress shirts. my son and I had several conversations about the shape he was looking for in this sweater.

  My son discovered that the fabric was not so comfortable against his skin so I cobbled together a lining for the sleeves ad the upper torso, after I had sewn the sweater together.  Luckily the sweater fabric had lots of drape ( as did the lining).SAM_1541


My son likes how the sweater matches his silver pants.


Because I learned how to sew after my kids were born and had a whole lot to learn before I began to make clothing, I realize that my youngest probably has had more of his clothing sewn by me than either of his older siblings.

My husband has a fear of having his clothing being conspicuous. Clearly my youngest has not inherited this worry.


  1. Hmm. my husband doesn't like his clothing being conspicuous either. We have just had a conversation over the weekend about a zip cardigan he wanted. He thought the taupe version would be too 'bright'. This was online - it was much more civil than discussing this in a shop would have been! I used the zoom to show him that really it would go well with his brown clothes.

    I think the jumper looks really good on your son. Great fit! and yes, it is just right for silver trousers!

  2. I think my husband's need for conservative dress comes as a reaction to growing up with his parents who felt that a bargain trumped any sartorial constraints. Any garment, no matter how outlandish could be justified if it came at a good enough price. I think that my husband spent his school years feeling vaguely humiliated by his clothing and now feels most comfortable in "safe" choices. My youngest is making sartorial choices on his own...If I forced ( or even asked) my older son to wear silver spandex jeans he would be quite miserable


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