Pesach during Sukkot

Well, the last stretch of Sukkot begins tonight. As much as I love cooking, I have been dragging my feet all day. Never the less, I have two chickens in the oven  ( with smoked paprika, black pepper and onions), the challah dough is on it’s first rise and my noodle dough is resting.

During the week though I made some progress on the matza covers. I realized yesterday that making matza covers during sukkot has a bit of a Christmas in July  sort of a feel.  I have three in progress. I had taken this photo before I sewed the elements together for a blog post I didn’t have time to write.
I suppose that if I were a different sort of a girl, even making batches as small as three matza covers I could manage to make them look more or less identical. I am not that girl though. So the results each have their own personalities.
This one is ready to line and assemble. I have run short of water fabric so have added some turquoise wool. The outer border is periwinkle colored silk shantung.  I edged the meeting of water and rocks with blue silk cording stitched with gold metallic thread. I may have to punch up that meeting spot between water and land.SAM_1098
This one has it’s full share of water fabric and I used the turquoise wool as the outer border. Ruffles of blue hand dyed silk tape marks the water/land divide.SAM_1099
This last piece still needs a border. I used  bias strips of blue/grey silk charmeuse to mark the water line.  I may need to punch this up as well.

My husband is worried that the rocks don’t look enough like rocks and look too much like random circles.  What do you think? Yesterday my friend Eve voted that they were convincingly rock-like. I would love to know what you think.

!חג שמח


  1. love it, it could be rocks in an evocative way that meshes with the text. Happy Sukkot!


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