Not entirely rational

Sometimes I consult with people making a special piece for a special occasion, a child or a grand child’s bar mitzvah or wedding.  people making something for someone they love can afford to spend wonderful obsessive time on a piece. The time is a way of imbuing the piece with some of the love felt for the person who will receive  the piece.

When I do work for a client, to a certain extent I work with the meter running . yes I could do lots of hand work, but either my client needs to be made out of money, or I need to be willing to earn pennies per hour.


Sometimes though, that line is a bit fuzzy. I have been commissioned to make this challah cover for Eli and Rachel.  as I work, it’s hard for me not to think about Beth, Eli’s late mother. I liked Beth a whole lot.  Her illness was so long and so hard. It is just so sad that she won’t get to see her  wonderful children get married.

Eli   rachel embroidery


So I’m hand embroidering a border around some of the lettering.  No, I can’t charge for it. Yes, it looks lovely.  No, this is not a smart business decision by any stretch of the imagination. I am glad I’m doing it though.


Actually, it’s boring work. I suppose that if I had a different sort of personality I would methodically work each letter in the phrase in order.  I find that I find it easier to complete the task if I complete the letters in a haphazard manner. Actually, I like to start with the large and complicated letters and leave the little letters for last.

I used my dopey approach to the task when I outlined all of the letters in the center of the piece.

eli   rachel lettering 2

eli   rachel emb


Eventually, I will finish up.


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