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One of the nice things about working at home, as opposed to working in a self contained studio is that there is a constant parade of people wandering in and out of my apartment , who will offer feedback on my work.  Sometimes they will catch a typo (always appreciated) Other times, a passing comment may have me re- think a problem I am having with a piece. Clients will often see work in progress and it will often inform their own choices in their own commissions.

Challa cover, ready to be packaged
I had thought that this challa cover was done. My husband took a close look and asked,
“ No dingles???” Dingles are what we call the beaded tassels I often add to the corners of my challa covers. I don’t like disappointing my husband, so I added the dingles. Each corner is slightly different. The dingles add a certain extra measure of delight to an already lively challa cover.
Just in case the photos, and the painted silk and the embroidered binding were not enough to delight the eye.

I will package up the challa cover and send it out this afternoon. I hope that both my client, and the recipient are happy.

More photos of the entire process in the album on the right.


  1. Your husband was right. Yes on the dingles. I can't believe I just wrote the word "dingles".

    Again, such nice work. I admire your creativity.

  2. AnnB- My cousin used to call Israeli coins 'dingles" because they had so little value, that all they did was dingle in your pocket.

    I have used the beaded dingles to give pieces a bot more weight, so they feel a bit more substancial.


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