Oddses and Endses

 Today is Friday and I'm not cooking today. Actually only a tiny bit of cooking. I am making a butternut squash as I type this.  Why am I not cooking? I am feeling a bit under the weather.

I got my flu shot last week. Often after I get my flu shot I get a mild and deconstructed form of the flu. Last night I had the cold in the bones feeling one often gets when you have the flu. Last night I went to bed under a down quilt, a pile of wool blankets, a shearling coat, and a shearling hat all worn over a pair of leggings and a big cashmere sweater. Yes, I was still chilly, and no, it wasn't that cold out.

After breakfast, I was finally warm enough to take off my shearling hat. I am feeling better but this was a spectacularly unproductive day. So I leave you with a couple of random thoughts.

The local restaurants have been creating dining sheds for the cooler weather. This beautiful shed was put up by the excellent Indian restaurant a block south of our apartment.

The masses of fake forsythia are really delightful.

One of my neighbors put this beautiful bouquet in the lobby of our building.

There is nothing better in my book than bouquets created with flowers of similar colors. It becomes hard to tell where one bloom ends and the other begins. I could look at this bouquet all day long.

I am grateful for the weeks when I cooked too much and hid the rest away in our freezer. Tonight we will feast on all of that hidden goodness waiting to fill our bellies.

Shabbat Shalom!


  1. I got my flu shot last week; other than a slightly sore arm, I didn't have any side effects. Contrasted to the second Covid shot that I got in May, and the first of the two shingles shots I got last year...both of which took me out for 24 hours with fever, chills, aches, the whole thing. Still much preferred to getting the actual illness... hope you're back to normal soon!


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