About to begin

 Well, I did my last shofar practicing today in anticipation of Sunday. Services will be a hybrid this year of IRL and Zoom. If you tune into Ansche Chesed's services I will be the last shofar blower of the day. I will not be masked during shofar blowing but my shofar will be.  I am so looking forward to the great shofar blasts on Broadway at 4:00pm. There will be shofar blowers all the way from 65th Street all the way up to 166th Street. 

One of the other synagogues participating in the great blast suggested that participants to the long-form shofar blowing of thirty blasts so that people who were not able to hear shofar will have fulfilled the mitzvah fully. That is what you will hear from me at 100th Street.

There was more cooking to be done for tonight. I thought about how so often during the holidays we turn to the flavors of the land of Israel.  Our chicken is flavored with

pomegranate molasses and mustard.

The quart of tzimmes and cabbage will be side dishes for us. 

Our vegetable continues in the land of Israel theme

coated in and roasted with lots of za'atar.

Nothing is as we wished it were. We are all of us doing the best we can.

תִּכְלֶה שָׁנָה וְקִלְלותֶיהָ
May this year, and its curses cease

                              תָּחֵל שָׁנָה וּבִרְכותֶיהָ
       May the new year begin with its blessings