The Ethiopian tallit- done at last

Y's bar mitzvah is this Shabbat so I made sure I was done yesterday.

I was touched to see how much Y and his mother loved the tallit.

After they were done with their first round of admiring the tallit, we got down to the work of tying the tzitzit.

Having my clients tie their tzitzit means that they get the opportunity to pay attention to their tally before the big event( usually a bar-mitzvah).

Y and his mother loved the shimmer of the tallit. There is lots of gold but it does not look like a Liberace tallit. The tallit also references Africa but does not in any way look like the "Lion King tallit".

Tying the tzitzit takes time and the four of us worked together companionably. Occasionally I was called on to help out, to recount thread wraps or to undo wonky work. 

Eventually, all of the corners had properly tied tzitzit.

It was time for Y to put on his new tallit with all of the intentional verses from Pslams, say the proper b'racha and then finish off with Shehechiyanu.


  1. This is such a wonderful story I don't even know how to do it justice in words.

  2. This suits the lad so well. Understated, but making a statement anyway!


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