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My sister mentioned today that she was tired of seeing the photo of the bag of flour when she clocked on the front page of this blog. My sister was right, as she often is. It HAS been a while since I posted.

Four of my buddies from my freshman year dorm suggested a mini reunion.  We have all reached the point when our kids are old enough for us to get together with no guilt.

I was really excited about seeing my friends. Although I have seen each of them over the years we haven't all been together in the same room since 1986. To mark the moment I made each of my friends a scarf.
 I worked on making the scarves all week. I hadn't wanted to spoil the surprise for my friends, so I just didn't post all week.

We were hosted by Cindy who lives in Ann Arbor. This weekend was also the weekend of the Ann Arbor Arts Fair. The arts fair is the biggest collection of crafts vendors I have ever seen. The quality of the crafts ranges from good to stupendous.

Michigan used to be a big center of furniture production. We saw some pretty spectacular furniture.
This photo of work by Viclan Furniture does not show you the stunningly beautiful interiors of their pieces. 

All five of us were blown away by Treestump woodcrafts. The tables inlaid with river rocks

give you the impression that the beautiful table top has morphed into a river. The photos on the website are woefully inadequate. These tables were some of the best work in a really excellent show. I am reluctant to take photos of crafts at a craft show. Sometimes photos can feel a little to close to ripping off a fellow artist so you wil have to be satisfied with photos from their sites.

There was also the community organization section of the fair.  This organization was encouraging mushrooming.

This table was not something I would see in my neighborhood craft show.

 Nor would I see this organization,

Friday was really hot and really muggy. we only saw some of the show.. One of the last vendors we saw was Residentdesign.
You can buy one of several different animal head kits to assemble on your own.  They are beautiful. If I were decorating a child's room I would buy one, or several.

We had reached our limit of walking and looking.
We sat down, drank water and enjoyed the architecture.

There is lots of virtuoso stone work, tile work and brick masonry in town.

Sunday we walked by the Huron River.

The river park is dotted with sculptures, including this one.

I love my friends. We talked and talked about our lives and our families. My friends are all short. I am not short. I decided to take a photo that showed them as the towering women they are

Three of my friends went home on Sunday. I decided to go home Monday. My flight was delayed 90 minutes.. I called my husband to let him know. He suggested I go to the airport bar and drink a large gin and tonic.. I thought that was an excellent suggestion  and followed his advice.

Eventually we got off the ground. The view of the sunset from the plane window was spectacular.

Soon after I took these photos the captain announced that the night time navigation system had malfunctioned and we were headed back to Detroit. Soon after that we  hit some really terrifying turbulence. The passengers all got really quiet. we were then told that instead of going to Detroit we were headed to Columbus. all of us were wondering if the plane might crash.

We landed safely in Columbus. a new plane was found for us, but one of the crew members legally had to stop working because she had already worked too many hours in a row,. We had to wait for a new crew member to be flown in.

I left Ann Arbor a little after four. I got home after 2:00 am.I love my friends, but I am happy to be home



  1. Wow! Beautiful scarves. Beautiful photos. But the difficult full stop (period) at the end of the journey is the sort of thing that makes me decide to stay home for a long while when I fly somewhere!

  2. OK, my sleep is still messed up, but I am really glad I went...even with the misadventure on the way home


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