One tallit DONE! Another nearly so

As of Friday, Hannah's tallit looked like this.

Hannah wanted the bottom of the tallit to look like a planet being born. I suppose I could have just stopped painting on Friday but I knew I could make the tallit look more like outer space with more layers of paint. I flicked lots of color onto the tallit with a tooth brush for a big chunk of the day yesterday.

By evening I constructed the tallit.
Yes this silk did start out nearly white.
The atara is edged with striped blue ribbon and gold cording.

Tomorrow evening Hannah and her family come by to tie the tzitzit.

After my last post two of my wise friends suggested that I ought to have used iron away stabilizer. My friends are right.

I am picking away at the tissue paper and tracing paper that I had used to stabilize the tallit. It is picky messy work. I have already vacuumed once today and will probably vacuum again before I go to sleep.

I actually am making progress. It just doesn't feel that way for most of my time with a thread nipper and with tweezers. I am down to the teeny bits of paper. 


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Definitely a planet being born atmosphere! They will be blown away.

    1. Hannah and her mom were really happy with the tallit. The expression on Hannah's face said it all.


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