Done enough, for now

Working on a tallit I usually toggle my way through moments of vision and creativity and moments when I just slog away. Gavi's tallit has had a whole lot of slog, especially during the past couple of days when L have been carefully picking out the bits of paper that supported the fabric while I sewed it on the sewing machine.

Gavi was supposed to come over this afternoon to tie her tzitzit. I set to pick pick picking away paper as soon as I could this morning and a couple of hours before our appointed time I knew there was no way I would be done picking out bits of paper on time.  I got in touch with Gavi. She decided that she would tie the tzitzit today with her husband and as soon as I am done I will ship the cleaned up tallit to them in their new home.

Gavi was always very clear about her vision for this tallit, white silk edged with lace from her wedding dress.  I did my best to create that vision.

When Gavi and her husband came over I was a little anxious. Some people have trouble seeing a piece until is is completely completed, pressed and perfect. This tallit was not yet done, yet Gavi and her husband both saw what the finished piece would look like in it's future.

Gavi and her husband, a newly minted rabbi set to tying the tzitzit.

I love how much her husband enjoyed the process.
After the tzitzit were tied, it was time to try on the tallit.

After the paper picking is done, some minor repairs are done i will ship this tallit to it's new home.


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