a weird day

Some days have a rhythm where I go easily from one task to another.  

Today was interrupted by a slew of completely disconnected phone calls that each pulled me completely out of what I was doing and pulled all of my brains and all of my energy in a completely different direction.

So this post will be a bit all over the map as well.

Tonight's challot are made out of strands that were filled jelly roll style with spices,  (cinnamon, allspice, cardamon and nutmeg) cocoa and sugar. 

I made chicken using these spices.
If you can't figure it out it, sumac, smoked paprika, hot paprika, turmeric and some cayenne. The chickens look like they came out of a rotisserie from a mid-century supermarket.

Gavi's tallit finally got shipped out after I spent the week picking out teeny bits of paper with a tweezer. 

I have been thinking all week about how this sort of patient careful repetitive work  is so not how I usually work. I have found the task of pick pick picking away at teeny bits of tissue paper to be oddly satisfying. 

The tallit is shipped.  
I also wanted to share this video with all of you. I think that Ms. Yeah is brilliant.
 If you become obsessed like I did, you can watch the rest of her videos here. Ms. Yeah channel.

What else are we eating tonight? Our guest is making salad. I made baked rice. it's baking now. but this is now you make it.

After the rice is covered you pour boiling water on it and set it to warm with the rest of your Shabbat dinner. a few hours on you oven's warm temp  it will be cooked if  the pan is well covered.

I also made a lemon/lime non dairy ice cream with an apricot swirl and will be serving fresh figs and apricots along with the ice cream.


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