New stuff- a round up

Soon after I moved to New York in the fall of 1982 my parents came to visit me. My mother took me to buy something she felt every household needed, an iron. We walked to  the now defunct RCI appliance store on the corner of Broadway and 98th street and my mother bought me an all metal Sunbeam iron. It cost something like $30, which was significantly more than my mother expected the iron to cost.

Since that 1982 iron purchase, I have purchased several irons.  I sew for a living and do lots of ironing.   After a while irons start spitting water out of the steam holes and need to be replaced. Black and Decker seems to have bought out the Sunbeam small appliance division a long time ago. nearly all of my replacement irons were essentially the same model my mother bought me in 1982, but with the Black and Decker label.

Lots of people who sew seriously also own fancy irons. I once bought a fancy iron. I hated it . It was cantankerous and spit steam randomly and wrecked more fabric than I care to think about . Eventually it began to smoke and smell like an electrical fire. I unplugged it and ran back across the street to RCI and bought another of the all metal Black and Decker's and every couple of years would buy a new heavy all metal Back and Decker iron just like the one my mother bought me.

My last iron began not to spit, but to piddle while working. There are Depends for piddling old folks but not for piddling irons.

I saw this iron and bought it.
It's a great iron. It has a gigantic reservoir and holds nearly a quart of water.  This iron also delivers a great puff of steam . It's also much larger than my old trusty reliable iron. I can manage  to live with some change.

Another new item in our house is a new cutting board for dairy. I had bought a pretty bamboo board that split. My husband was content to use the board one half at a time. The half boards were not so useful for cutting large things, like loaves of bread. My husband love the idea of using stuff that most people would throw away. I am usually willing to indulge him but the two skinny half cutting boards were really annoying to use.

I found the perfect replacement,
A pig shaped cutting board to use for dairy. I am amused.

The last new thing is our new table cloth.

I made it out of new home dec fabric I found at the thrift store. It is large enough to fit our table when it is extended.

And now this round up is complete.


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