Food Friday- looking towards Passover edition

OK, I know it's not quite getting ready for Passover time, but it is time to start thinking about it. My shmurah matza is here in the house. i am working on working through the last of the grains. This is the last challah that we are baking until after Passover.

We have finished the last of the honey. My son mixed the dough for this batch, I suggested using maple syrup. It wasn't quite sweet enough, so I rolled more maple syrup and spices into each strand of the challah. 

There is very little left in the freezer. I decided to make meat balls.
I recently figured out (after thirty years of marriage) that my husband thinks of meatballs as a first course rather than a main dish. He was willing to eat them as a main dish this week and not complain. He is a good sport.

Our fridge is relatively empty. So now we can start getting ready for Passover.

As part of the general clean up that goes along with the Holiday I pulled out a denim table cloth I had made several years ago. It was a bear to iron and I avoided using it. 

My trusty baking apron had started to wear out.

My old table cloth is now living out a new life as an apron.

The design for this apron comes from a 1940's sewing magazine my sister bought me as a birthday gift.  The apron starts out as a square of fabric set on point.The great thing about this apron is that it has darts, which gives it a flattering shape. I have drawn out the direction in the style of the Japanese sewing magazines. Look at the step by step pictures, and what you need to do will be pretty clear.

You might look at the pictures and wonder what size square do I need to start with? The answer is is is entirely up to you.
If you have any questions about how to make the apron, just ask. 

And I am sharing a bonus bit of pretty from the stairwell next to my apartment.

The shadow of the banister has been cast by the bright work lights  in the apartment across the hall. The noise and the dust have been pretty awful for the past several months. It's nice to have a silver lining after all of the annoyance ( The new neighbors do seem nice, I look forward to having them across the hall instead of the noise and dust).

Shabbat Shalom!


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