Some odds and ends

odd and end #1

A few year back I bought a cheap belt because I loved the closer, the black and white snakeskin plastic, not so much. I wore the belt today and discovered that the plastic had broken.

I found a bit of a pigskin skirt I had bought in a thrift store to cannibalize. Much of it has been put to use as bindings on various pieces. I block printed the suede, used the busted belt pieces as a pattern and now have a functioning belt

Odd end #2

some cool architectural details from the neighborhood
 I have walked by this building thousands of times but had never noticed the cool art-deco tera-cotta work before.

This knock off Richardson building has been a favorite of mine for years.

 Aren't these the prettiest fire escapes?

I can't admire them enough.

And  two details that had until today escaped my attention completely.

When I moved to New York there was too much dog-poop on the sidewalk to risk looking up when you walked. This is another lovely by product of the pooper-scooper laws.

I also re stuffed the cushion on my husband's dining room chair.
it is now much more comfortable.


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