ending and beginning

Sunday, I tied the tzitzit for Charlie's tallit with his family. Most of the families I work with are lovely and have a nice relationship with one another. 

His family just takes nice up a notch or two.
For me there is something so gratifying to see family working together tying their tzitzit. At the beginning they are all very focused at the unfamiliar task. But soon , as they relax into the task and their hands get used to the work they start to banter and joke with one another.
They were all happy with the work I had done. Tying the tzitzit also give them time to get to see the work I have done up close.

Charlie's mother had clearly done her time making friendship bracelets. She was fast.

As always, we ended with Charlie saying all of the intentional prayers before putting on his tallit, said the blessing and sh'hechiyanu.

The next day I helped another familym tie tzitzit on a tallit that I didn't make but consulted on.

Now that the lace galloon has been washed for Gavi's tallit  it is time to start construction.  The silk georgette has been cut to size and I
also wanted to cut out some of the lace motifs for applique on the tallit.there has been lots of careful stitch nipping going on. 

Now I have a nice pile of lace motifs to play with.


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