Moving right along

Well, the good news is that I don't have c. diff. I also don't have a parasite. We don't know what laid me low for the past month but I am slowly feeling better, exhausted but better.

Sunday, fortified by lots of naps on Shabbat, we went to see
it's an amazing theatrical experience that is difficult to put into words this

might give you a tiny sense of what it is like.

Our experience
was made even better because of the fact that the theater was next door to the Jacobs Theater. It's nice to see my last name up in lights.

On the way there we saw just a great bit of shadow.

I don't know why seeing a good shadow makes me happy, but it does.

I had made myself a pocketbook a while back that I really loved but it was looking shabby. So today as part of getting back into the universe of sewing  I made myself a new one.

The bag has all sorts of good pockets on the inside, so I can keep this bag relatively organized. It's roughly based on one of those Japanese origami bags. I made it from memory  rather than doing something smart like looking up the directions before I got most of the bag made.

I had several puzzled moments when I couldn't figure out why the bag wasn't  turning into the shape I was expecting. If I were a different sort of a sewer I might have scrapped the work I had already done and just begun again. Instead I played with the mess I had gotten myself into and then decided that a triangular bag rather than a square one would just have to do for this go around.

The fabric is a cool upholstery fabric that I had purchased at a local thrift store. there is a fair amount of wool in the fabric so I may need to make a summery bag come spring. hopefully when I make my next attempt I will read the directions beforehand.

And for those of you who want to know, the etrog jam tastes like marmalade, but perfumed. It is so good.


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