Preparing for Yom Kippur

The days before Yom kippur are often filled with advice for coffee drinkers . people are told to taper down their caffeine consumption so they can get through the holiday in relative comfort.

I am a coffee drinker In fact my family knows better than to talk to me before i have had my first sip in the morning.  I don't taper down my coffee consumption before the holiday.

In the biblical instructions for Yom Kippur we are told v'initem et naphshoteichem your soul needs to suffer. I use my physical discomfort, my hungry belly, my caffeine headache to remind me to look inwards at all of the things I have done wrong over the course of this past year.

Fasting isn't easy. It isn't particularly pleasant.  It is however a tool, a reminder to review what we have done over the past year and figure out how to do better in the coming year. The process is hard, unpleasant but the result is so often transcendent.

To prepare for the fast I made another vat of stuffed cabbage.
Most of it is put away in the freezer and will be enjoyed in the coming weeks.  Some of it will fuel our day of introspection.


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