A box of treasures showed up in the mail

I met Martha Ann a bunch of years ago on one of my online sewing forums. We have met IRL a few times during Martha Ann's visits to New York. If we lived closer to one another I assume that lots of my museum adventures or fabric shopping adventures would include one another. 

A little while ago Martha Ann mentioned that she had a bunch of lace and tatting odds and ends that she was sending my way. Today that box of treasures showed up.
As I carefully pulled each piece from the box I photographed it for you so you could share in enjoying this box of treasures.
A length of embroidered net, old soft fine stuff.
Rose patterned tatting. Lots of magazines and booklets had various patterns for this sort of work. Women would make this by the yard and it was used to edge linens. I haven't seen this particular pattern before but I have seen it's cousins.
A bit of embroidered batiste with a fine bobbin-lace border.
A doily constructed/collaged out of several different bits of  delicate work. I love how the maker forced the composition to be a circle. This wasn't easy to do. The fragile bits in the middle are supported with some fine probably silk net stitched to the back.
An insanely adorable baby bonnet made out of of cotton batiste and heavy lace. I think I may have to force one of my future grandchildren to wear this bonnet once. I ask their forgiveness in advance.

A tatted topper for a child's dress or night gown.

A doily and coaster set.

This linen dresser scarf has a crochet edging that has a great graphic look.There are a couple of teeny repairs I need to make to the linen. I think this will get lots of use.
A sweet doily made out of yards of narrow lace.
Another graphic crochet trim. I have never seen this pattern before
Hand crochet lace that used to border a doily
Nice work on beautiful linen
fine bobbin lace
Random lengths of crochet edgings
A pretty scalloped edging
I don't think I have ever seen such a delicate example of embroidered lace. Check out that satin stitch.

 I can't wait to start to use some of these pieces. 


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