Working while figuring out other stuff

I am trying to work out the sizing of the kittle that I have been working on. My dear friend Welmoed was kind enough to create a shirt draft for me base on the measurements of the man who is to wear the kittle.  I tried the muslin  on my son and  it's just way too small.

The kittle that I had purchased, even at a size medium is just huge. The sleeve cuffs hang off of my normal sized son way past his hands. I am thinking about how to essentially combine in pattern form the much too big store bought kittle and the too small computer drafted shirt pattern.

While the creaky wheels in my brain are trying to solve this problem, I decided to give myself a small home dec project to complete.

Several of our pillowcases have recently died. It was time to add some more to our linen closet stash. Lucky for me, Fabric Mart was trying to get rid of some quilting cotton. This black and white printed cotton was crazy on sale. I purchased a few yards and got to work on pillowcase making.

I realized that the print would look great with the decorative fret-work I had purchased at one of our local thrift stores a couple of years ago. Adding a row of this pretty work between the body of the pillow case and the border is easy.

As I looked at the finished pillow cases I kept thinking about Remick's of Quincy. Remicks was one of those nice department stores that nearly every town used to have on it's main street. 
Remick's was a nice store. Remick's didn't carry the highest end clothes that you could buy at the bigger city stores like Filene's or Peck & Peck, or Bonwit's But you could purchase clothing there and know you were well dressed.  The other extra glamorous thing about Remicks was that it was owned by the family  Lee Remick, the Hollywood actress. 

I don't know exactly why this mix of the print and the trim reminded me so strongly of Remick's, perhaps it was the tile or wall paper in the ladies room. I hope that one of my older sister or one of my Quincy readers would know what unformed memory of mine is connecting these pillowcases with Remick's.


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