Fixing a Torah mantle and Food Friday- Cat's Away Edition

For synagogues world over, in a few weeks it will be the equivalent of opening night, the High Holidays. In anticipation of that season the synagogue needs to be in tip top shape. 

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to repair this Torah mantle.

You don't have to know anything about Judaica to know that this mantle looked pretty terrible and was unacceptable for use.

The damage looks pretty spectacular but it is in fact an easy fix.

You just stitch in a zig-zag fashion from the top of the mantle to the skirt.
After about an hour, I was done. My thumb was sore, but the job completed.

So now the skirt of the mantle is completely secure. 

And now for tonight's dinner.usually when I plan dinner I take into account all of the things I can't serve. My husband abhors garlic and raw onion.  My daughter detests broccoli and raw kale. My older son is highly allergic to pumpkin seeds and hates spinach, but loves kale and collard greens. My daughter's boyfriend is allergic to potatoes. My youngest is allergic to soy, sesame and carrots and hates the taste of fennel and caraway seeds and tends not to eat vegetables in general. I have trouble with salt.  My kids and I like tomatoes cooked but not raw. My husband would prefer to not eat eggplant or zucchini. Often our guests have their own food allergies and food aversions.

Usually I try to accommodate everyone (although truth be told we are not a vegan friendly home). I love my kids. I loved having my youngest home for the summer, but we all missed sesame.

Tonight I made chicken with za'atar and lime. Za'atar is a Middle Eastern spice mix made with sumac and sesame seeds. It's delicious it's the perfect summertime flavor.
My youngest is not here to eat it.This is our chicken for tonight.

I made a vaguely Indian roasted vegetable mix.
I am making a kale salad with a sesame oil dressing. If I am feeling kindly towards my daughter I will braise the kale first.

Our guest is bringing a blueberry cake for dessert. We all will have the pleasure of seeing my older son do his dance of blueberry joy. He is a man of simple pleasures felt deeply. I don't know what it is about blueberries, but they have always caused him deeply felt happiness.


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