Jean's tallit - now complete

I have loved working on this tallit.  jean is an adult who decided that she wanted a tallit, not for any external reasons like reaching a particular age but because of her own careful thoughtful decision.

The making of this tallit has taken a long time. Usually I am a fast decision maker. But in working on this tallit for Jean it has helped me to do all of my decision making in the careful and thoughtful way that she does.

Like Jean, this tallit is deceptively simple when you first look at it. But also like Jean, the more interesting the tallit gets the longer you look at it.

Like Jean, the quiet side of the tallit faces outward, never the less you see the glimmerings of the flashier side through the quiet front of the tallit.

You see a bit of the lining turned towards the outside of the tallit.

I could look at this tallit all day.

I had originally thought that just painting the letters for the atara would be sufficient. 

But I kept thinking about how fond I had gotten of Jean during out time working together. So I did something a little bit nuts. I outline all of the letters in chainstitch--by hand. Actually, what I did was actually even more nuts, I used teeny stitches.

Here you can see the ribbon I created by using embroidery stitches from my sewing machine and extremely cranky metallic thread that is not actually designed to work in a sewing  machine. I tried to get the ribbon to work with the stripe pattern of the fabric.

I really look forward to tying the tzitzit with Jean.


  1. Thank you. Learning to do lettering well was a long hard slog. It think it took me about ten years until I could make letters that weren't ugly.


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