A book that is bending my brain

This book is one of the most brilliant and thought provoking books on pattern drafting and garment design that I have ever read. It's dense. It's a doctoral dissertation and it has gotten me completely obsessed. 

If you download the sample of the book on Googlebooks you get the whole book. 

Rickard Lindqvist has figured out how to cut complicated garments out of one piece of fabric. Some of the basic tunic -type garments I totally understand, and will probably replicate but when he shows a diagram of what at first glance looks like a conventional men's suit jackets that is made using this method, my brain starts to explode. The jacket is beautiful...and looks like a normal men's suit jacket...except there are no shoulder seams. 

The garments are made to work with the movements of the body. 

If you aren't into sewing or garment construction just forget you read this. If you are into garment construction prepare to have your head explode and have your life changed for ever.


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