June 27

Today is my mother's birthday.

In her honor I am posting some photos of her from the grand tour of Europe she and my father did in 1955.

When my parents got married in 1953 their honeymoon consisted of a couple of days in Atlantic City (they took the bus there) and a few days visiting friends at Camp Ramah in Connecticut.

Two years later they decided to do  the sort of honeymoon they might have done if either of them had wealthy families. Their financial situation hadn't changed all that much. But my mother decided that they should live off of my father's salary and bank her Hebrew school teacher earnings so they could do this grand tour. This was a decision that gave both of them a great deal of joy. 

They stayed in fancy hotels in London, Paris, Rome and all over Israel.  They spent a week in each of the European cities and a month in Israel. 

My parents ran into an old friend at the base of the Eiffel tower. He probably took this photo of the two of them together.

I have a program from a concert they attended in Paris on June 6 of a performance of the Israel Philharmonic. Marian Anderson was the soloist.

My mother wore this straw hat to the beach when I was little. 


  1. love old photos and these are really special!

  2. When we cleared out my mother's apartment, I took the photo albums.I also took the photos from my in-laws house. I love how digitizing them gives them a new life.

  3. What wonderful photos! Digitizing them was no doubt a huge project but how nice to have them at hand!

    Today (it's still the 27th in Central time...lol...) is also my Grandmother's birthday. She would have been 102. And I'm seeing her face more and more often when I look in the mirror...

  4. ...and she suddenly realizes she's a day behind. Today's the 28th for another 28 minutes. Egg on face....

  5. Lisa- I have been doing the digitizing on an as needed basis.It has been nice to be able to use the blog as incentive to do a few at a time.it has also been truly wonderful to be able to share the images with relatives. Like many families mine has had more than it's share of fights that ruptured the family and connections that sort of fell away. Being able to share images from the lost decades has been quite something. I also know that I have readers who knew my parents best from the time these photos were taken. For me this set if images is mythic..for those friends and relatives the photos remind them of a particular moment they may have shared with my parents.


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