A great sunset, some euphemism and a bit of Food Friday

I took this photo at the intersection of Broadway and 99th Street. With a bit of careful zooming my urban neighborhood looks bucolic.

At the next block I included a bit of the urban landscape.
 As for the euphemism. During the late 19th century instututions were called exactly what they were. There were institutions like  Jewish Home for the Feeble Minded and Crippled or Home for the Elderly and Indigent.

As the decades have rolled on the names of institutions have gotten further and further from the blunt names of yesteryear. This building is going up a block from my apartment.
It's a nice name but it makes me kind of miss the more direct names of the past.

Now that I am on the topic of old...here is a moment to show you my old dough/sour dough . I had made a loose bread dough early in the week.

Each time I made bread this week I pulled off a lump of this sloppy mess and then used that as the basis of a new bread. before I returned the bread to my fridge, I fed my bready lump with a bit more water and a bit more flour. I stirred it up, re covered it with a towel and then put it back in the fridge.

The lump I had pulled from the bready lump became the starter for the new bread.
I don't know if it is exactly sour dough, but it does make my bread rise. 
I made these two breads for two different pot-lucks this weekend. One is filled with fennel seeds, the other with smoked paprika.

My son made the chicken this week.  I still have to make a salad ( with lots of arugula) and an orange and date salad for dessert.

I did make potatoes. 

 If you put whole spices into the boiling water they taste delicious. I picked out all of the whole spices. My husband loves the flavor of the spices but hates seeing evidence of them.

Stay cool this hot Shabbat!


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