The solution is obvious, once you figure it out

Jack's tallit is due in  a of weeks. Ie had wanted a tallit with blue and gold stripes accented with red. I ordered the silk from one of my long time suppliers.  The silk for the body of the tallit was a white herringbone, even more wonderful than I had hoped for.

I loved the metallic and silk dupioni then sent it was exactly what I wanted. The blue was not precisely what I wanted but was close enough to work. The red was not making me happy. It read as a little bit too pink, a little pallid for my needs and for Jack's taste. 
While I was trying to figure my way out of the problem of the pallid red, I began piecing the blue and gold silks. 

You can see the three fabrics here. I was feeling stuck so I just kept piecing away.

. I rummaged through my stash hoping that something would work, Today the mess of my fabric stash rewarded me. A length of red velveteen emerged. It was exactly the right color.

I apologise in advance for the quality of the following photograph. The gold metallic and the intensity of the reds has wreaked havoc with my camera's brains.You just have to believe me when I say that the velvet is perfect.

I promise that the velvet isn't magenta but a strong deep red. Now I can't imagine having chosen any other fabric for the red accent.


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