Some of my favorite things in 1966

Before you, in this photo are some of the things I thought were spectacularly beautiful when I was five years old.

This creamer came with a teapot that was used at every meat meal of my early childhood until it broke when I was in grade school. We never used the creamer.

When my sister and I were closing out my mother’s apartment I took the creamer. Nearly fifty years after thinking that the roses and the gold(!) edging were just about the most beautiful thing in the world, I have to admit that this creamer is sort of hiddy. And yet, I took it home to New York with me to remember all of the time I spent admiring the rose covered teapot as my father poured all of us our after dinner cups of tea.
The two embroidered cloths beneath the ugly creamer come from luncheon sets that my mother used for august occasions. A luncheon set is a set of matching placemats, napkins and table runner. You might use a luncheon set while you were serving luncheon to your elegant friends. You might also use your luncheon set for tea or for an elegant supper party.

My mother occasionally used these sets for such elegant occasions. Often though, my mother would use a single one of the embroidered cloths in the center of the table under a vase of flowers.

My mother owned lots of table linens. And yes my five year old self was driven crazy by the supreme beauty of both sets. They had cross stitch! A stitch I could name. And yes, those pink and red flowers, a joy to my five year old heart. I have a deep, deep fondness for these cloths. I just used them and washed , dried and starched them to their full glory.

I own lots of really fine and elegant linens. I really love them. These two embroidered luncheon sets make me irrationally happy.


  1. "irrationally happy" this, my friend is a very good description!
    A week or so ago, Mr. Thoughtful got down all my holiday boxes. (after only getting down some the past few years, and so I had to make do with what was in them.) And I was irrationally happy discovering pieces in them that I had wondered where they went to. So many connect with someone or some occasion.
    I did sort of promise that I would sort through and toss some things. Some how I have managed...but mostly broken bits and little unsolicited bits I never quite liked in the first place. Like a tiny ladder with a bit of parcel twine tied in a bow. Why? Which Holiday has ladders in it? LOL I guess I could have made a card that said 'Happy Holiday Ladder to you!" Or Not. ;-)
    I love discovering your textiles. They always have a story.


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