Views of and from Broadway

I usually take my camera with me when I go out. Sunday, I had gone to the movies with a friend and then I walked back from 72nd street.

Is I walked north I just loved the golden late afternoon light.

on broadway (2)

I made several stops as I walked north on Broadway and the sky turned rosy.

on broadway (3)

on broadway (4)

I know one doesn’t normally think of the intersection of Broadway and 96th street as a place filled with lyrical gorgeous light, but sometimes it is.

on broadway (5)

Looking south as I turned into to my block I loved the crescent moon over Broadway.

on broadway (6)

on broadway (1)

This morning as I was working out I was distracted by the beautiful light and had to take a break from aerobics to take these photos.


It had been grey and nasty when I had been out earlier and the sun had begun to come out.  I have always been in love with sunlight bouncing off of clouds.SAM_5580

I also love the layering of the not meant for public view backs of the buildings on the east side of West End Avenue  with the fancy facades from the west side of the street.SAM_5581

I love how the functional parts of the building across the street create such a great pile of shapes.




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