All in a day’s work–Food Friday

Back in the days when I had  full time jobs I always managed to have jobs that were made of of radically different roles.  I had one job that required completely different clothing for different part of my day. There were days when I played on the floor with kids, and would get completely covered in paint and then I would have to  go change in the bathroom and get ready to attend a black tie dinner.

I had always assumed that grown up people had jobs where they could play essentially the same role all day.

Today my list of tasks included things that may never had all been done by one person in one day. 
  • I led services this morning
  • I will be leading kinot ( liturgical poems of loss and sorrow) on Sunday, Tisha B’av and needed to practice, so I was singing poetry from the time of the First Crusade
  • I made chicken ( so far this sounds like a typical Friday for lots of people)food
  • I lay bricks ( My building is redoing the front courtyard. We are now up to setting up the brickwork.The bricks put in 100 years ago are not the same size brick that is currently in use. the brick layers and I have been doing all sorts of fancy footwork with the bricks. Neighbors and the bricklayers seem to be surprised that I am willing to get on the ground in a dress to play with bricks and work on getting the layout to work.)walkway
  • I made challahfood (1)
  • I also made okraokra
  • Non dairy almond ice creamfood

I had thought I would get to some sewing but I kept getting called downstairs to consult with the brick layers.

Oddly enough there is more of a connection between the sewing and the brick laying than one might think.

Shabbat Shalom! Glad we are not eating bricks.


  1. You made me laugh with the last sentence!
    I was going to say sewing and bricklaying were of a kind...making pieces fit other pieces which may or may not go together easily.
    I think the first 2 things go together with dinner making...they are about organising and uniting something/some people which may or may not go together easily but the result sustains.
    Hope it all goes well.


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