Working in an imperfect world

I am still figuring out some aspects of Charlie’s atara. The design calls for sprigs of wheat. If I lived in a perfect world there would be a place nearby that sold high quality embroidery threads. When I first moved to this neighborhood in the early 1980’s I would have had several choices of places to buy embroidery thread all within easy walking distance.

Many many factors have combines to make a nice selection of embroidery threads an impossibility not only in the neighborhood, but even the notions stores in the garment district have pallid selections.


I have been working on solving this problem on a back burner of my brain for the past week or so. I suppose that I could order threads from a specialty store online and wait until they shipped my order to me. I also have to figure out how I will be creating those stalks of wheat. I wanted to get my hands working on the problem.


I had a gift to deliver further up on Broadway while I was walking home I figured out the solution to my thread problem.charlie miller

I decided to use two sewing threads, one in brown and the other in beige along with a fine gold thread.


This is the result. It’s not bad. But I think I will add a yellow thread to the mix. That ought to tweak the color to be the right wheaty shade.


Clearly I’m still figuring out how to create the wheat grains…but I am further along that path. Think of this embroidery as a sketch rather than being the finished product. I am experimenting with about four different factors all at once so don’t be alarmed if this is not your vision of wheat. it isn’t exactly my vision of wheat either.


I also am now dealing with two technological mysteries.


Mystery #1

Why is my camera resetting itself to 2011 every time it is re-charged?

Mystery #2

Why is my clothes dryer not producing heat ?


I would be grateful to answers to either one of those questions.


  1. How old is your camera? They usually have an internal battery to 'remember' the date when the main battery is discharged, and with an old camera this may have discharged too.

    I can't help you with the dryer, unless you have inadvertently changed a setting - but I imagine you would have checked that already.

    1. It isn't that old, just a couple of years but it recently got overhauled and the internal calendar has been out of whack since them.

  2. What sort of clothes dryer do you have? Gas? Electric? Have you ever spent any time at the website of the Samurai Appliance Tech Man?
    Joyce in Windsor Hills/Los Angeles

  3. Our tumble dryer has a button which you can push in or push again so it comes out. and one of those settings has heat, the other doesn't. Sometimes it gets pushed by accident.
    I think using several strands of colour out of necessity makes things look more alive than if we had the 'proper' colour.

  4. We have an electric dryer,. This morning our Super suggested that we clean out the dryer vent to see if a lint blockage was causing the dryer not to heat. My husband and I tag teamed the job with my husband doing most of the work, mostly because he is tall enough to reach the end of the dryer vent. He cleaned out a truly impressive amount of lint. We now have an impressively clean dryer vent but still no heat. A repair guy is showing up on Thursday.

    Sandy, I followed your advice and used the wool broadcloth. So far the lettering is done with lots of work still left to do.


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