Food Friday and preparing for Sinai

I do know that it has actually been beautiful out.


But I have been spending my time indoors getting the apartment ready for the influx of STUFF coming from my mother’s apartment.  We have been working on getting rid of things that we don’t love, don’t need in our lives. This has not been a stress-free process.

Today is Friday, dinner needed to be made for tonight and I put the chicken in the oven before I left for services this morning. I also need to get some of the cooking done for Shavuot. I was also asked to give a D’var Torah tomorrow, so a whole lot on my plate and not quite enough time to get it all done.

As I was getting to work today, the doorbell rang and it was a cheesecake delivered from a cousin. It was an edible condolence card. I am touched beyond words and will eat it on Shavuot tasting every bit of love and comfort in every bite.

When we picked up our youngest from college one of the things he brought home was


It isn’t something that normally comes home from the supermarket with us.


I knew I was planning to make a cholesterol death kugel. I had decided to make the noodles from scratch. I thought that I would make a double recipe of noodles. as I was rolling out the noodles


I wondered if I could make a version of the bad caterer parev kugel with canned fruit but have it actually taste good.

I thought about how to proceed as I rolled the noodle dough thinner and thinner.


I knew from reading old cookbooks that the standard old housewife way to cut noodles was to roll them up and then slice the noodles.


I made a custard with 6 eggs, the canned fruit and it’s juiceSAM_4396

a whole lot of spices including cardamom and coriander, orange juice and lemon rind


I combined everything in a pan and then topped with more spices


and then baked until done.


We will see if my experiment was successful.

I also decided to make challot shaped appropriately for Shavuot.


A sheaf of wheat, a few Torah scrolls , a ten commandments and a basket of first fruits.


I like the sheaf of wheat best. Some of the challot came out less than wonderful looking so I won’t show them to you.


I just pulled the milchig kugel out of the oven. I still have to make dessert, clear off the dining room table and write my d’var torah.  I think I may not get to mopping the floor.


Shabbat Shalom and Chad Sameach!


  1. Some days adult kids can mop floors. Just saying...though to be honest, I think it would be too far beyond my kid's perceived role preference.
    Big hugs,

  2. My kids didn't mop but they did shop, bring books to the used book store washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen and clean the bathroom.


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