Food Friday and other stuff

I will begin with the other stuff.
Other stuff #1
Yesterday we rented a car and drove to pick up kid # 3 from college.
His school is about an hour and a half away. We started out journey in great spirits.
most of our trip was like this.

Door to door it was eight hours including packing up the car and a stop for dinner. Having child # 3 home is a pleasure. He is even doing his own laundry.
Other Stuff #2
I had purchased a soft as a cloud cashmere v-necked sweater at a thrift. The color on it’s own is just plain evil on me and on my daughter.
I turned it into a cardigan.
This is how I did it in case you forgot.
1.Fold the sweater in 1/2
Be sure to align the side seams. If you peek inside the sweater you can line those seams up perfectly.
If you like to do things in a complicated way you can do lots of measuring from the side seams and use a billion pins. If you have a flat surface and live in a place with gravity just put the sweater down and align the side seams and that will help you find the center front.
2. Since I live in a place with gravity, I found the center front of my sweater folded the sweater along the center line and cut.
3. Now you have a sweater with raw edges that need to be covered. I have often crocheted over the raw edge. This time I decided to use a lace overlay.
This is the lace that I used.
It’s left over from a dress I made before Passover. The rich color will make the oatmeal color of the sweater look less sickly on me.
I added a maroon velvet ribbon to tie the sweater.
Yes, there are other ways you could do this. you are probably smart enough to do this on your own. It’s ok to mess up along the way.

And now for the food.
Child # 3 has been missing meat. I promised I would make some for tonight. I made two London broils. I actually know very little about cuts of meat. I tend to think of meat in big categories...I think of most meat as “Hunk O Beef”. The two London broils are twosmall  hunks o beef.
Beef needs a spice rub.
This is what I used. The I mixed it with a fork.
The red is paprika and sumac.
I baked those hunks o beef until they were done.
It was time to make a sauce for the beef. I poured most of this bottle into the cooking pan.
Why did I choose this wine? Because this is the least expensive bottle on the shelf. ( I have been know to cook with really fancy booze.--a shot of single malt can do wonderful things to a stew, but it makes my husband unhappy. Today I actually checked prices on the internet before I cracked open the bottle.)
I let the wine sit on the cooked on good stuff in the pan to loosen all of the cooked on bits, the same way you put water in a pan to soak off the cooked on bits before you wash the pan.

I added mustard, it adds flavor and is a great thickener.
I turned the heat u under the pan and let it simmer away.
I thought that the mixture needed a few more flavor components so I added
and a lump of brown sugar.  I cooked the mixture down until  it had reduced by about half.
By this time the meat had cooled enough to slice.
I sliced up both hunks of beef and put them back into the gravy filled cooking pan.

My older son had baked the challah last week and made some rice. I will make a salad. There have been too many restaurant meals this week so we are skipping dessert. None of us is in the mood.

Shabbat Shalom! and happy eating.


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