A Small Bevy of Pillows and Why I Love Living on the Upper West Side

First the pillows.


They are not exactly necessary but the project was part of doing some house organizing and I am waiting for some silk to show up so I can continue on one tallit in progress and waiting for my client to get back t me on the other tallit in progress.


I also cleared the drain in the bathroom sink. The pillows are more photogenic than the now clear drain.


Every time I cover a pillow or re-cover one of the couch cushions I am really pleased by my wise decision about ten years ago to cover my couches in a mix of patterns. as parts wear out or look tired it is really easy to just change one element at a time.


The reason I love living here on the West Side is this.  I am working on a committee trying to transform a preschool space into a beautiful prayer space.


I had made this model SAM_4155

but had to discuss my idea with  John, the synagogue super, to see if it was feasible for him to make it and to see if he had any ideas about how to make it work more easily given the realities of staff and storage.

Calling John was on my to do list as I was on my way to take care of some household errands. But half a block from my house I ran into John. We had an impromptu meeting on the street. We both drew diagrams  and discussed building materials and  ways to make this work better. We had a really productive meeting on Broadway, and then we both went on our way.


I then crossed 97th street and ran into one of our other committee members. He had missed our last meeting so I filled him in. We sketched some more on newspaper we pulled out of the recycling bin . We tossed around various solutions…wrapped up our quick meeting and we each went in separate directions.


On my way home from my errands I ran into another friend. We had had a discussion a week ago, on Broadway about the dynamics of our complicated families. We continues our conversation for several minutes and two blocks.

Sometimes I think that I need to have an office on the sidewalk in front of my building.


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