A really nice day

My mother had kept this letter. It was written by her Uncle Nathan, Huncle Nathan if you can read his signature in Yiddish.

Nathan and  his wife Dina sent this letter to my mother on the occasion of my birth. I love Huncle Nathan’s handwriting.
uncle nathan letter 001
Yesterday was my birthday.
I had planned to take out the folks who come to morning minyan for breakfast. Because what better way is there to start the day than to spend a little bit of time eating with the people who have been supporting me though this year of mourning, each and every morning.

After the cake was presented
we were told that someone who had just walked out the door had paid for all of our breakfasts, including the slice of cheese cake.
It was a delightful beginning to a really wonderful day.
There were flowers,
birthday flowers
and even more flowers,
and gifts, and phone calls and many, many Facebook greetings.

There was dinner with the immediate family that is here in New York. It was the nicest birthday.


  1. Happy belated birthday Sarah!! It sounds like you had a lovely day.

  2. Oh very Happy Birthday! and I hope the next year finds you as helpful and caring about things that matter as you already are.
    Big hugs from across the pond.


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