A baby dress

Our friend's son and daughter in law just had a baby. We are very fond of the family. I decided to make the new baby a dress. Yes, you have seen this orange flower batik before.  I made a dress for my cousin's new baby out of the same fabric. 

The fabric had arrived at my house, a complete mystery. I have no idea who left it for me, but i am really fond of this 1970's batik.
The trim on this dress is all cut from the dress I had made earlier in the week.

 I love how the two hand spun fabric play nicely together.
 I think the fabric inspired me to have a late 1970's moment.
 The sturdy fabric made sewing the giant applique flowers easy.

And now for a moment of color theory. I took these photos of the dress today against a dark background.
 Yesterday I took pictures of the dress against an orange cotton.
 I know, the dress looks hideous against the orange.

This dress was fun to make. The baby's father grew up in this neighborhood and probably some of his day-care classmates wore similar dresses.


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