A little out of the ordinary for me


My friend asked me to update a flower girl dress for her daughter. I was charged with adding flowers to a vintage flower girl dress. I asked my friend to buy the flowers from a craft store.

I pulled apart the flowers.



So I could combine them and make new ones.


The skirt of the dress was made of several under layers of tulle covered by a layer of organza. My fried had asked that the flowers be sewn  to the top layer of tulle.

I began with a row of large blossoms.



I then created smaller blooms that I scattered further up the skirt, and that added two smaller blooms to the waist.




Both my friend and the flower girl were happy with the results.

Last winter I wore my mother’s 1950’s fur lined coat to the theatre. It was a frigid night and I was glad for the warmth of the fur.  unfortunately the big corded decorative button fell off the coat. In desperation ( it was really cold out) I bought a big brooch to use as a closure in a store on the way to the theatre. The brooch was what we in my family call a HOJ, a hunk o junk and it broke after just a couple of uses. I had jury rigged a closure that didn’t really work very well.

Today I was given two show boxes filled with vintage buttons. One button was the right size. It was, however a utilitarian brown. I painted the button with gold nail polish, topped it with a layer of crackle nail polish in black and then the button looked right for the coat. I added a layer of clear polish to protect the fancy polish and then sewed the button onto the coat.


A small but necessary task is complete.

My synagogue has to make a space that is currently being used by a pre-school during the week work as a prayer space.

I had come up with an idea and realized that I needed to make a model so others could understand my vision.

I felt like I was doing an elementary school project , and it was a blast.



What you see are two moveable screens with sconces with biblical verses about light that will light up.  The ark  will stand in front of the screens. The goal is to have something that will be beautiful, transform the space, and can also be set up and broken down easily.


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