Ready for tzitzit

Yoni’s tallit is complete,


except for the tzitzit.

The pinot/corner pieces are stitched to the tallit using a buttonhole stitch. I like the way it mimics the look of a hand stitch.


I thought many kind thought’s about Yoni’s savta/ grandmother as I stitched those pinot.



Yoni is a deep thinker.  He chose powerful  texts from his haftara.  Of all the kids I have ever worked with he has understood most intuitively about how using texts wisely can change the experience of wearing a tallit.  Most kids ( because after all they are kids)  need a fair amount of hand holding to select texts, and more importantly select texts that work.  Yoni dove right in and made  smart selections.


Tomorrow I go up to Boston. My mother is now in home hospice care.


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